Number of Applications USCIS Received   for H1B Petitions for This Year

233,000 Number of Applications USCIS Received for H1B Petitions for This Year

US Citizenship and Immigration Services(USCIS) said no change in the H1B visas for this fiscal year. USCIS will started to accept H1B petitions from 1st April of each year. H1B visas remains same for this fiscal year which is 65,000 for general category visas and another 20,000 for the advanced degree exemption.

USCIS receiving more than 1,00,000 applications in first 5 days since last 3 years. This year also USCIS received 1,58,000 application in first 5 days. H1B visas capacity reached in first 7 days each year. USCIS complete initial period to accepting application ended on 7th April. Because number of H1B petitions increases, USCIS will do the lottery system to select H1B applications. Randomly select 65,000 application from all received H1B petitions. Still, USCIS does not declare Lottery selection date for H1B petitions but it will be after 10th April.

Advanced degree exemption H1B petitions benefits for all international students who did their graduation and masters in USA. Initially, USCIS consider all applications in 65,000 cap of H1B visas and do the lottery selection. once this selection completed, USCIS filter application for advanced degree from remaining application for another 20,000 cap of H1B visas. Because of this all international students graduated from USA get double benefits in H1B visas selection.

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