Statin, a widely prescribed drug to help patients with high cholesterol levels to manage the condition and prevent heart attacks, seems to be associated with the development of diabetes in patients with long term use of the drug.

Way to alleviate side effects of Statin discovered

Way to alleviate side effects of Statin discovered

A research that previously unraveled this fact has been discouraging for many patients who depend on Statin to maintain their blood cholesterol levels as alternative medicine is not widely prescribed for this condition.

However, a recent research by the McMaster University has found that use of other drugs can reduce or completely eliminate the side effects of Statin. However, the research is not completely over and hence Statin users will have to wait for some more time until the researchers find what additional drugs can control the side effects.

Jonathan Schertzer, assistant professor of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences said in a statement, “Statins are among the most prescribed drugs in the world, and have been fantastic at reducing cardiovascular events”.

“But the side effects of statins can be far worse than not being able to eat grapefruit. Recently, an increased risk of diabetes has been added to the warning label for statin use. This was perplexing to us because if you are improving your metabolic profile with statins you should actually be decreasing the incidence of diabetes with these drugs, yet, the opposite happened.”

The stage one of the research is just over and the team is gearing up for the next stage of research which aims at finding how the drug interact with Pancreas which produces insulin, the imbalance of which leads to diabetes. The second stage of the research will help them understand how Statin causes diabetes which will be helpful to decide what combinations of other drugs will help prevent diabetes in patients.