While there was a lot of hype and hoopla before the Microsoft Surface Event on May 20 to hear the announcement about Microsoft Surface Mini, it turns out otherwise. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 stole the show, upsetting those who were waiting to see Surface Mini.

Microsoft Surface Mini

Microsoft Surface Mini

Surface Mini is expected to come with a 7.5 inch display and a digital pen for the touchscreen. While it looked like the company was getting ready to launch a Mini variant, it turned out to be Surface Pro 3, instead. It is said that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella wasn’t satisfied with Surface RT and didn’t want the same mistake to repeat itself.

Apparently, there are a lot of rumors about the long awaited tablet. Analyst Rhoda Alexander at the IHS has more news to share about Surface Mini. The company has reportedly stocked about 20,000 units already and the company may actually want to stock more units before a formal launch. She has also spotted more orders from Microsoft for 7.5 inch panels. It is said that the company is working on its supply chain issues concerning Surface Mini.

Alexander has also calculated that 100,000 displays were already shipped by Microsoft from its supply chain partners and in the past two months there has been a surge in the orders, leading to presumptions that the company may actually launch the device sooner than expected.

There has been no word yet from Microsoft about the prepping of Surface Mini and so all the bits and pieces of information floating around regarding it should be taken with a grain of salt. However, as analyst information proves to be true in most cases, we can expect that Microsoft Surface Mini might see the daylight later this year if not sooner.

It may only be a matter of time before Microsoft formally announces the launch.