It’s been long since the chunky headphones are considered out of fashion and earphones took on as they needed little room in pockets and purses.

Ever since the introduction of earphones, there were companies exploring more ways to make it comfortable for the users to listen to music on the go and their quest resulted in wireless earphones.

World’s smallest wireless earphone Earin shows up on Kickstarter

World’s smallest wireless earphone Earin shows up on Kickstarter

Recently, Earin which is claimed as the world’s smallest wireless earphone showed up on Kickstarter inviting backer to get funds for the project. With 37 days left, the campaign has already achieved half of its primary target. Those interested can pay up for their Earin well ahead of the production process and be the first to receive it when it crosses the gates after the company finishes the first batch of production.

The earphone weighs 5 grams and the company has ventured into making the earphone more compact and ended up with Earin. It will come with a plastic casing and a silicon tip for comfortable use.

It packs a 50mAH battery which can be charged when not in use using the capsule that encases a 100mAH battery that comes as an accompaniment to Earin. The company claims that the battery will last for 3 hours once fully charged.

The earbud will coordinate with your mobile device through Bluetooth. The quality of the earphones is still not clear as this is a completely new concept and we will have to wait until it launches to truly know if it will be a good companion for our travels.

The kickstarter has all sorts of projects and often such innovations come up getting much attention. Several people have already backed the campaign and several more are joining even as you are reading this post. Visit kickstarter if you want to be one of the first few to use the world’s smallest earbud.