Ever since the selfie became popular, there have been several devices invented to help people take perfect selfies.

Wrist-worn drone takes selfies

Wrist-worn drone takes selfies

Those who are obsessed with selfies might have realized that wasting a few first clicks is necessary to take that perfect selfie they are happy to share with the others. However, for some people, it has become nearly impossible to take a perfect selfie or one that satisfies them.

Such people now have Nixie, a drone that takes selfie. The drone can be worn on the wrist like a watch and when you need to take selfies, it will spring open and propel itself into the air and hover in front of your face and take a selfie of you.

It uses sensors to detect your movement and takes a picture of you when you tilt your face at the right angle for a perfect selfie. After the picture is taken, it will come back to you and you can catch it and slap it to your wrist and move on. The gadget is as cool as it looks and is not too chunky, however, it  might get you a few stares as it doesn’t exactly look like a watch.

It has a microchip to give it the power required and four tiny rotors to keep it in the air. The designer is Christoph Kohstall, a Stanford University researcher. It was originally Kohstall’s idea and he partnered with his colleagues Jelena Jovanovic and Michael Niedermayr to refine the idea and develop it into a prototype.

The device has become the finalist at Intel’s Make It Wearable competition and won $50,000 as an investment into the project and monitoring and help with design from the most talented engineers at Intel. However, the project still has to clear the final round and if it does, it will win $500,000 from Intel.